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Liquid City: Untitled, no. 25 © Frank Rodick, 1992

Untitled, no. 25
From Liquid City
© Frank Rodick, 1992

Originally published on the AkinaBooks website, the following dialogue is based on a series of emails between Alex Bocchetto, co-founder and publisher of AkinaBooks, and me. AkinaBooks recently published Of Liquid Cities and Celestial Abattoirs a bookzine based on my work.

Preamble by Alex Bocchetto: The following conversation is taken from several email exchanges I had with Frank Rodick while working on his Of Liquid Cities and Celestial Abattoirs.

Sequencing his booklet was like solving a puzzle. We had to learn a whole new visual language. Of Liquid Cities and Celestial Abattoirs is based upon three bodies of work: Liquid CityArena and Faithless Grottoes.  It was especially important to keep in mind the big picture of the whole corpus and the direction of Frank’s work

Frank and I kept writing each other and in every email I found some new clues and good food for thought. We talked about taboos, death, love, redemption and its absence, the city as a state of mind, literature and everything else: I think part of our discussion is worth sharing with readers to better understand Frank’s work and personality. Continue Reading…