about Frank Rodick & this blog

I’m an artist who makes pictures using photography. I’ve been fortunate enough to have exhibitions all over the world and see my work published in books, magazines, and journals. It’s also been gratifying to know that my pictures have found their way into quite a few museum collections. And I’ve been fortunate to meet some super people along the way who have not only supported my work but become my friends as well.

When people ask me what my work’s about, I try to answer as plainly as possible. I make pictures about sex, mortality, memory, and isolation. Pain too. I make pictures about what jerks my chain the hardest.

And to do that I use lenses, pixels, video, old photographs, new photographs, documents, and just about anything else I can find or make. Sometimes my pictures are really big and hang on walls. Sometimes they’re really small and lie hidden in wooden cases I think are really special.

But the best way to get an idea about my work is to see it, and you can make a start on that by visiting my website at www.frankrodick.com. I welcome your comments and questions, and I’ll do my best to respond if that’s appropriate.

My plan for this blog is also to write as plainly as possible. Mostly I talk about art, but I take a very wide view of how I do that. I’m not a curator or critic by trade so what I say will be personal: some observations, comments, a lot of questions. I’ll try to make it as personal as possible. That’s the only way I can amuse when I make pictures, and the same goes for writing. Maybe you’ll find it amusing as well, or interesting, or maybe it’ll piss you off or whatever. Hopefully it won’t be boring.

When I get their permission, I’ll occasionally post things written by other people.

I may not post as often as some people—I try to use most of my time making pictures—but I love the written word and I’ll try to craft these posts as best I can. Here too, I appreciate your comments and questions.

If you like what you see on this blog, consider also liking my Facebook page and following me on twitter.

Thanks for reading and looking.

©Frank Rodick, 2012Archival pigment print 100 H x 81 W cm / 40 x 32 in

Portrait, Frances Rodick (Stone-Blind)
©Frank Rodick, 2012
Archival pigment print
100 H x 81 W cm / 40 x 32 in


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    wow. Not an original comment, not lengthy and certainly not wellspoken but straight from my heart.

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