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From my newsletter

As I’ve said in my most recent posts, I’ve moved my blog over to my website, which is where you’ll find all my postings, past and present. Because I prefer to keep things simple, I’ve also decided to close this WordPress site sometime in the first half of 2019. So, to the nearly two thousand of you that kindly decided to follow this blog, please tune in from now on by going to

Better still, sign up for my newsletter, a cupful of whispers. I put it out quarterly, so there’ll be no inbox deluge. You don’t have to give me more than an email address, and I’ll never give that to anyone. Most importantly, while I will let you know about some of the more interesting things I’ve got going on, a cupful of whispers is about a lot more than me: it’s a quarterly compendium and commentary on different issues I know will be of interest to members of the art community.

If you want a sample, click here to look at the latest issue. Among other things, I link you to a great piece by painter Helen Maudsley, show you where you can stream loads of films on photography for free, and, as usual, discuss and connect you with all kinds of stuff on creative process including thoughts from people as diverse as David Lynch and Alice Munro.

You’ll also see that I’ve ditched Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram—a while ago, actually—and I haven’t missed them a bit. Quite the opposite.

On the other hand, I’ve signed up with the writing site, Medium. It’s elegantly simple and, though I haven’t studied it closely, seems free of the screaming and other bad behaviours that characterize Facebook et al. And—good god—I even got paid a few dollars for writing this piece.


So, hopefully this isn’t goodbye, but rather au revoir. Thanks, as always, for reading.